Women’s Ministry

Women’s ministries at Bethel exist to encourage women to worship the Lord Jesus as we study His Word
and fellowship with one another through meaningful relationships.  
Our desire is to “be fully equipped for every good work.”
Ladies Bunco Night
Friday, October 26 th at 6:30pm
Location: Here at the Church
Feel Free to Bring a Friend.
Sign Up on the Bulletin Board starting October 14 th or by email to

Soup Potluck and Shoebox Packing
Sunday, October 28 th (directly following the service)
This is an ALL church event to spend time together and help in
packing the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child
Sign up for food items will be posted on the Bulletin Board starting
October 14 th

Jessie Tree Ornament Exchange
Exchange Night will be Tuesday, November 27 th @ 6:30 pm
Sign up for this fun event will start on October 26 th .
Watch your email and the Bulletin Board for more details.
Christmas Crafting with the Kids
Saturday, December 8 th (11AM-3PM) ~ Church Gym
This event is hosted by Women’s Ministry and will be a wonderful
way for our kids to craft with our ladies and have some beautiful
gifts to share with family for friends.

For more information please contact the church at:

541-938-3111 or bethelbaptistmf@gmail.com